Who we are

Afvest Limited is a private company limited by shares formed under the 2008 Kenya Companies Act (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya) (“Cap 486”).

The Company was founded in 2012 when a group of investors saw it fit to pool together their resources-capital, networks, knowledge and expertise- in order to tap into some of the great opportunities in East Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

At the heart of the company’s goals is maximization of shareholder wealth. Afvest has its headquarters in Nairobi (Kenya).

Afvest has a board that oversees all aspects of the company. The members of the board include:

  • David Ngaine (Board chairman)
  • Sarah Ngamau
  • Nancy Noreh
  • Kimathi Kamencu (partner at Musyimi and Co. and sits as non-executive advisor to the board).
  • Afvest has an Investment committee which is in charge of deal origination and appraisal. The members include:

    • David Ngaine
    • Sarah Ngamau
    • Kenneth Ngaine
    • Betty Kirimi
    • Lekishon Leonard

    Investment Ticket size of between Kes 50Mn to Kes 100Mn:

Investment Process

At Afvest, we help you grow your wealth by increasing value in your investment.


We present to you several investment ideas that are well-researched. We shy away from overvalued businesses.


We plan on how to invest for you with a long-term view and with no plans to exit


We create wealth by investing for you while safeguarding your investment


After the end of the investment, we gladly give you returns and let you enjoy your hard work
Would you like to know more? Email us: info@afvest.coContact us

Why Choose Us?

Active investment management

We invest in companies with solid management and with a clear growth plan.

Long-term horizon

We invest with a long-term view with no plans to exit

Objective valuation

We not only focus on the financial aspect of our investees but operational aspect too.

Strong management

We adopt various downside protection measures to safeguard our investors’ capital.